Before Taking a dog from a shelter, think twice

...Most of us dog lovers can’t even imagine a day when we give away our pups to  a shelter, but there are  still some who unfortunately consider it as a matter of fact, and there may be so many reasons for that.

Such gesture as returning your dog to the shelter in case ther is no other way to care for him any more, may be considered as  an act of kindness and should not be a subject for shame relating to previous owner, it’s a gift of hope for an animal to be loved in another family. The worst scenario is when a dog parent leaves defenseless creature in outer world without a roof and food which was before provided on regular basis. It creates tons of stress on animal’s life which could even lead to death.

Of course the best people can do- is to prevent, meaning - to think over many times before bringing a pet to your place. An individual should be emotionally, psychologically and financially ready to change his life and carry out some new responsibilities. The best way to understand ifwhether you are ready for a new life with a pet is to “try it on”. You may foster a pet in a shelter and see how it will work for you and what you can do. In the shelters they always need help and would definitely be grateful if someone could give them a hand in taking care for the abandoned animals.

There are millions of reasons for why people have their pets returning to the pet’s shelters but the fact is that almost 10% of people return their pet  for one reason or another. Either the circumstances changed or something happened in dog owner’s life, below we gathered the most common reasons for dropping off the pet back to the shelter.

First reason – is an unexpected behavior.

You were unable to predict and suspect your dog to ruin everything around and going potty inside your house. This is the most common reason why the dog is back to the shelter however this problem may be solved and dissolute effectively provided some effort is contributed. Behavioral issue may be eliminated easily by training and natural aging of a dog. Puppies can be very anxious , aggressive and tweaky but the older the dog becomes this problem evaporates by itself. Another question is adult dogs with aggressive and disobedient behavior –can be treaky and dangerous. Still there are many technics and methods to teach them and control effectively though regular Trainings. They can take long time, but if you are persistent the outcome will be truly rewarding.

Second reason – is a medical condition. 

Hidden diseases and poor health if what the pet owner is likely not ready to face and the only decision is to give

up on dog parenting. Even A healthy looking dog, puppy, may have some serious health issues which may evoke later and create big financial and emotional burden. Still it’s more about senior dogs. But before returning your dog consider that dogs with health issues are much harder to be adopted or never will and the shelter also can not cover all expenses for solving  health problems for all dogs, so, eventually it comes up, that your dog will stay in the shelter for all his life without proper treatment. However, there are plenty of steps you can take to cover your dog’s medical needs, for example: you may contact vet universities for cheaper treatment, also, there are certain organisations which cover cost for their pets owners, as well as create a treatment plan and divide costs on equal amounts with your local vet.

Third reason – it’s too expensive.

Sometimes people face unforeseen changes that may cause inability to cover even some basic spendings. There is still way out: you may browse for some programs covering food spend, as well as learn what human food may suit just fine for your dog.

Forth reason-is moving out to a new ‘non pet-friendly’ place but It’s not worth taking your dog back to the shelter if you can find a place that allows dogs instead. Some landlords are fine with additional deposit to let your pet stay with you.

Fifth reason – Birth of children.

When your family is growing and a new member is stealing almost all of your time and there  is no extra time reserved for you dog, there are still some ways to allocate attention for all 3at once, as an example going for a walk together, grab some fresh air, do some exercising outdoors, play games.