Dogs are good for children’s physical and psycological development

Many studies shows great statistics about kids growing with pets, specifically dogs as they are the most common and popular pets nowadays. Acquiring a pet can help your kid grow mentally healthy and happy kid. Some scientific research also shows great dynamics in kids conduct improvements, and  facilitated interactions with peers. Kids may tend to evolve more sympathy to each other, become calmer and more caring about their siblings, parents and friends from the experience they acquired while taking care of their pet. 

Do you remember those shivers when your parents made you a gift of a puppy in a box for your birthday.  Such sort of presents are smart and healthy as they might help your kid grow responsible, attentive caring and implant sense of sympathy and devotion.


Some Australian scientists who studied nearly 1700 kids originating from absolutely different socio-demographic and cultural background, assume that those kids, owning a pet are less prone to have behavioural  problems, on the contrary, they have higher performance at school and are less likely to have hyperactivity issues as well as  absent in having difficulties in relating to peers 

Dogs may also be an initiative for family time as walks on the street or just cuddle time on the sofa, also create positive psychological environment around them.

Dogs are funny creatures they can help to loosen up tension and make you laugh in a twist (all of a sudden) , tune up your mood when you are blue and feel down without much ado. Lonely people or those who lost their loved ones may feel needed again and loved, they may always have a friend by their side who need them day and night who is always ready for an adventure and excited to share the whole world with you.

Do you still doubt about having a dog? When you still don’t have a dog you may feel that you are fine without one, but when you acquire one, you will never be able to imagine your life without a dog and would not like the previous life back.